Wellness - fitnessAs demonstrated by our current $2.4 million renovation of our Williamsville Wellness Center, Canterbury Woods has always been dedicated to the ongoing health, well-being, and independence of our residents.  The Wellness opportunities provided at Canterbury Woods Gates Circle will be no exception to that long-time dedication.  The difference in wellness at each location is that one will have a suburban feel—a more retreat-like, internal amenity—the other will be consistent with our urban brand—to keep you engaged and involved in the broader community itself.

At Canterbury Woods Gates Circle you'll have access to the Williamsville Wellness Center anytime you like with completely reciprocal services between the two campuses.  You'll also have a complimentary membership at one of Buffalo's established and respected fitness providers, whether that be a new, state of the art YMCA should they build on-site at Gates Circle, or the nearby Jewish Community Center where they offer classes from cycling to yoga to Silversneakers cardio.  Whichever option it is, you can be sure Canterbury Woods will take care of all the details—from transportation to your monthly membership.  Being involved in your beloved city and staying well have never been more connected and easier to achieve.