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Experience and Reputation

Canterbury Woods Gates Circle is the result of collaboration between professionals you can trust–leading Buffalo architects, developers, contractors, and senior housing experts. In this team, you have professionals who are at the cutting edge of their fields, creating new and truly first of their kind projects, yet all grounded in their years of experience and professionalism in Buffalo and in their own disciplines. These are professionals with the vision to see where senior housing is going–away from village-like retreats, and toward communities like Canterbury Woods Gates Circle–communities integrated and active in the lives seniors have always enjoyed and the neighborhoods they have helped to shape. This is the team responsible for designing, building, and creating the community you have asked for, and you will love!

After the designing and building, though, you want to know your day to day experiences in your retirement community are the best they can possibly be, and everything you have planned for. Already operating the premier continuing care retirement community in western New York, with fifteen years of operational experience in community living, the leadership of Canterbury Woods is the best possible choice to see this unique vision through to successful implementation. The executive leadership at Canterbury Woods and those in the sales office waiting to talk with you are all leaders who understand the unique time of life retirement is, with all of its unique excitements and its unique trepidations. They are leaders who can listen and advise you as an individual, with sensitivity and wisdom gained through experience.

1 Gates Circle | Buffalo, NY 14209 | (716) 929-5817

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