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Services & Amenities


Redefining retirement living means redefining what we want in services and amenities. Seniors in downtown Buffalo have been clear: they are not looking for a retreat from their current lives, for separation from the wonderful business of city-life. The desire seniors in downtown Buffalo have expressed is a retirement community that enhances and encourages the active, involved, integrated lives they are already living in their own community. Canterbury Woods Gates Circle offers services and amenities that support that involvement in the outside world so that your favorite shops, entertainment, and activities are right at your front door. Services that make your lives better, easier, more luxurious are offered inside your retirement community, while services and amenities you have come to expect and love are easily accessible inside your beloved neighborhood. Still more are offered at Canterbury Woods, as part of our reciprocal relationship between the two campuses. Our vision for retirement living is based on what you told us: that your lives are large and expansive, and you want services that reflect your choices and lifestyle. 
Two locations: one community. You are the center of it all!

1 Gates Circle | Buffalo, NY 14209 | (716) 929-5817

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