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Canterbury Woods Gates Circle is all about options. Options for dining, socializing, and customizing your home; an option of campuses to visit and enjoy; options for what you want to do today, and who you want to be on any day—all in a location that supports those choices.

The only limited option at Canterbury Woods Gates Circle is the number of families who can call this new community home. With only 53 upscale residences designed for the community, and with desirable apartment locations overlooking Chapin Parkway with a glimpse of Niagara Falls, the best views will be spoken for quickly.

What is the Priority List? 
A fully refundable, interest-bearing $2000 deposit which puts you in line to be offered a Gates Circle apartment with no obligation to accept.

Aren’t you sold out? 
There are two important parts to this answer: 1.) A Priority List can NEVER sell out! If the list is long, all the more reason to join! The higher you are on the list, the sooner you are offered an apartment; 2) Because the Priority List is a no-risk, minimal commitment, many of our depositors have gone on the list to have the option to come to Gates Circle if they choose to. So, there is still a real possibility of getting an apartment initially, but the option to wait as well.

How do I join?
The steps are simple! Write a check for $2000 payable to M&T Bank, sign a Priority Reservation Agreement and W9 form.

What if I change my mind? 
Your money is always fully refundable with interest. You can change your mind at any time for any reason.

What is the penalty for passing up an apartment offer if I’m not ready? 
Absolutely none. Of course you can pass an opportunity to select an apartment. You will never lose your number in sequence, or go to the bottom of the list. The deposit simply puts the ball in your court so we are ready when you are ready.

What if I don’t want to move to the Gates Circle campus until 2025? 
Perfect! Since your number will never change, you will always maintain your spot in line, regardless of “passing” on an apartment when you are called upon. You will want to join the list now, because for years to come, we will always call upon those on the waiting list before offering an open apartment to the public.

How would I get my money back if I choose to?
Simply complete the form in your agreement and submit to your Sales Counselor.

What if I want to consider moving to Canterbury Woods in Williamsville? 
There is a separate priority list for the Williamsville location. If you are considering both locations, consider joining both waiting lists. Many people have chosen to do this!

Reserve your residence today!
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